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Tree Rings & Edging Border

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Perma-A-Mulch Border
8' L x 41/2"W

Our Price: $21.95

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Perm-A-Mulch 24" Tree Ring
Our Price:$19.95

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Mulch Border

Life Ease Inc., Daily Living Aids, Newbury, NH


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Be Good To Your Environment
By Using Recycled rubber!

    Perm-A-Mulch looks like and performs just like the usual organic hardwood mulch, but with some significant differences.
     Perm-A-Mulch is made of recycled rubber, mixed with a special bark colored binder and molded to form a tough, flexible mat that allows air, water and nutrients to pass through but effectively blocks weeds and grass, and yet it looks just like mulch.
    Perm-A-Mulch has been designed for permanent use. Properly installed (underlying sod removed), it is sturdy enough to be run over by your mower, heavy enough not to be picked up by the mower and tough enough to take the whipping delivered by yourstring trimmer. And if you get clippings on it, and a broom or blower isn't handy, just pick it up and shake it off!
    Perm-A-Mulch is your permanent solution to your mulching, weed and erosion problems. The pictures shown are just a few of the many uses you can get out of Perm-A-Mulch.


  • Natural appearing brown color.
  • Less yard work with maintenance free mulch.
  • Eliminates trimming, weeding and re-mulching for years.
  • Economical to use, apply one time lasts for 10 years.
  • Eliminates weed growth.
  • You can mow right over it (only 1" thick) - Always looks neat.
  • Earth-friendly, 100% recycled tire rubber.
  • Deters insect nesting and habitation.
  • Holds water in the soil and not in the mulch.
  • Does not extract precious nitrogen from soil.
  • Non-Abrasive, non-staining, non-leaching.
  • Reduces or eliminates the use of toxic herbicides.

Two Options Available:
  • Tree Ring -24"
  • Border - 4-1/2"W x 8'L

Fewer Weeds / Neater Appearance!

Water Passes Through & Is Retained By Soil

Be Kind To Your Body
With Ergonomically Designed Tools!

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